Heero (heero134) wrote in computergeeks,


Well to be perfectly honest, I'm bored. I've been looking for a new project or gadget to keep me busy for a while. I've been looking at a cheaper panasonic toughbook on ebay, then at a NEC MobilePro 780 (900's are way too expensive) or just a new pda of some sort (PocketPC or Linux)

I CAN'T Decide what I want to try. Every idea has it's pros and cons:

Toughbook: +very resourceful, -but older, -less battery life, -expensive
Mobilepro: +Inexpensive (~100), -Older, -less capable pda, +unique
Pda: +Newer, +midrange price, +more capable, +many available to choose from, -constantly outdated

I don't know. Call me a fool and his money, but I just need something different and interesting to occupy myself with for a while. Opinions/suggestions welcome.
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